Item# ViscoPed1

Product Description


Viscoelastic insoles for the reduction of shock loads.

In the event of sole pain (plantar pressure pain) or deformities of the forefoot and toes, ViscoPed distributes and reduces local pressure loads. The long-soled, visco-elastic orthoses damp impact loads on the ankle, knee, hip and spine. Painful irritations in the heel area are relieved. ViscoPed can be worn in walking, sports and 
work shoes. Gentle on your skin Durable Non-slip heel edge

On soft soles

ViscoPed orthoses extend the entire length of the foot. Special integral pressure relief zones in the forefoot and heel area divert and distribute pressure. They therefore reduce local pain at moments of high load. Furthermore, a slight arch support counteracts talipes valgus, talipes planus and flat foot. The shock-absorbing effect of the orthoses is transmitted through the ankle, knee and hip joint to the spine.

Durable and gentle on your skin

Only a few heel cushions can withstand daily use over long periods. ViscoPed® is made of high-quality silicon and is gentle on your skin, easy to clean and, thanks to modern production techniques, particularly durable. ViscoPed sits under your heel with every step without slipping.

Indications Plantar pain Forefoot and toe deformities Pressure redistribution Arthralgia