VenoTrain® soft (Ready to Wear)

VenoTrain® soft  (Ready to Wear)
Item# venotrain-soft

Product Description

VenoTrain® soft

The gentle compression stocking with a strong effect

If you want to do your legs a favor, treat yourself to a regular massage – with VenoTrain® soft. The fine knit of this compression stocking is specially designed to gently massage your skin and stimulate your circulation. VenoTrain® soft is ideally suited for use after venous surgery – for both men and women. protects against varicose veins massages and invigorates in standard sizes or custom-made

Your personal leg masseur

After surgery, or if you have weak veins, compression stockings help to transport the blood back towards the heart, thereby preventing the formation of varicose veins. VenoTrain® soft also treats your legs to a massage. Its special composition results in pleasant wearing comfort and stimulates circulation.

Long-lasting and gentle on your skin

VenoTrain® soft is available in three different colors and many different designs. The opaque, easy-care designs are long-lasting. They are available in standard sizes (with the Perfect-Fit System) or can be custom-made.