SurSaverô 1CC syringes with Low Dead Space

SurSaverô 1CC syringes with Low Dead Space
Item# sursaver-1cc-syringes-with-low-dead-spac1

Product Description

SurSaverô 1CC syringes are designed with a permanently attached needle which eliminates the needle hub. This design greatly reduces dead space as compared to standard syringes. The needle hub on standard syringes traps drugs that are not expelled after injection. Over the course of one year, these accumulated, "wasted" drugs can represent a significant cost to your facility.

Packed: 100/box, 5 boxes/case (500)

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1cc syringe with 23G x 1/2" fixed needle


1cc syringe with 25G x5/8" fixed needle


1cc syringe with 27G x1/2" fixed needle