SofTec® Coxa set

SofTec® Coxa set
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Product Description

SofTec® Coxa Multifunctional orthosis for stabilization of the hip joint The multi-functional orthosis SofTec Coxa stabilizes the hip joint following dislocation or total hip arthroplasty. It prevents dislocation of the hip joint by controlling ab/adduction and flexion/extension of the hip joint with a special monocentric joint. The SofTec Coxa is easily fit and adjusted to all patient types. The multi-functional orthosis can be used on the left or right-hand side or bilaterally.

Special adjustable joint with just one pivot for abduction/adduction (extending the leg in-wards/outwards) and extension/flexion (extending the leg forwards/backwards) Secure fit due to sleek, anatomical design Can be used on the left or right-hand side or bilaterally

Precision healing process With the special joint designed by Bauerfeind, SofTec Coxa guides the hip joint safely in a manner appropriate to the indications. Flexion/extension and abduction/adduction are set in an anatomically correct fashion using a single pivot. The monocentric joint can be individually adapted to all body types, provided in two versions: male and female. SofTec Coxa thus holds the head of the hip joint securely in the socket. Movements that could give rise to dislocation are prevented, thus ensuring a positive surgical outcome. In an observational non-interventional study, 95.8% of physicians confirmed its medical effectiveness.

Stability and comfort The secure fit of the SofTec Coxa offers stability for the hip joint. The anatomically contoured pelvic frame sits securely and comfortably on the iliac crests. The pelvic frame is individually fitted abdominal circumference and is embedded in breathable knit, which is easily adjusted and fitted through the use of low power tension straps. The thigh harness consists of a skin-friendly special knit and is easily adapted to the users anatomy. In the observational non-interventional study, 95.8% of all patients were satisfied with the SofTec Coxa.

Indications Prevention of dislocation Total hip-replacement surgeryTotal hip-revision surgery Femoral-head resection (Girdlestone arthroplasty) Hip spacer for two-stage revision procedures Hip arthroscopy and microfracture

Measurement Loosely measure abdominal circumference.