Proximal Seal Interface (PSI) Liner

Proximal Seal Interface (PSI) Liner
Item# proximal-seal-interface-psi-liner

Product Description

The PSI cushion liner offers the user more freedom of movement. It allows the sleeve to seal on the liner just proximal to the trim lines of a BK socket, as opposed to sealing proximal to the liner on the skin. The integrated fabric cover located distally allows the air to wick out of the prosthesis, thus offering an alternative to the current valve suction and vacuum systems being used in the market today.

Built-in features: •Unlimited restriction of stretch on the proximal portion of the liner where there is no fabric •External Gel portion allows for means of sealing against •Terry fabric located distally to act as an air wick •Works well with elevated vacuum systems currently available on the market •Excellent redistribution of forces with sooothe the skin

PRODUCT #'s: PSIXX-6 Proximal Seal Interface, 6mm uniform PSIXX-6/3 Proximal Seal Interface, 6mm to 3mm tapered