+PLUSeries™ Structural Adhesives

+PLUSeries™ Structural Adhesives
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Product Description

+PLUSeries™ 25 and 60 Second Structural Adhesive +PLUSeries™ 25 and 60-second structural urethane adhesives are a versatile and fast two part urethane system used for bonding and repairing plastics, composites, aluminum, steel, plaster and pretty much anything you can think of commonly used in the O&P manufacturing process. Can be drilled and tapped. Two-year shelf life. Virtually odor free.

FAB-127216 PLUSeries - 220ML Static Mixers Bag of 6ea (Large Tips) FAB-169506 PLUSeries - 50ML Static Mixers bag of 6ea (small tips) FAB-25SL PLUSeries - 220ML 25 Second Adhesive (large) FAB-25SS PLUSeries - 50ML 25 Second Adhesive (Small) FAB-60SL PLUSeries 220ML 60 Second Adhesive (large) FAB-60SS PLUSeries 50ML 60 Second Adhesive (small) FAB-G220 PLUSeries - 220ml Gun FAB-G50 PLUSeries - GUN 50ML Dispenser

NEW +PLUSeries 90 Second Adhesive An addition to the 25 and 60 second products line. With an additional thirty seconds of working time, it is identical to the 25 and 60 second products in application and performance. Available in 220ml size only.

FAB-90SL 220ml 90 Second Adhesive

New +PLUSeries Composite Adhesive Two-part black pigmented urethane adhesive designed for structural bonding of today's performance composite sockets and bracing systems used in O&P. Combined at a 1:1 ratio like our other PLUSeries products, it has a working time of one minute and achieves full cure in 15 minutes at room temperature. As fast as the 60 second products, the Composite adhesive requires little to no surface preparation while providing high strength and excellent fatigue endurance as well as superior toughness! Because if its black pigmentation, it's the perfect choice to use on carbon devices! Available in 50ml and 220ml sizes.

FAB-C1L 220ml Composite 1 minute adhesive FAB-C1S 50ml Composite 1 minute adhesive