Oxygen Supply Manifold

Oxygen Supply Manifold
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Product Description

It's Complete. Six oxygen masks, one 20 ft hose and the manifold supplied in a hard plastic case. Reday to use in any emergency situation requiring multiple oxygen sources.

It's Easy to Use. Each large control knob has easy-to-read numbers and a color-coded graduated scale. Each end has a DISS male with a check valve making the connection to the oxygen supply easier.

It's Durable. The manifold and control valves are made of durable aluminum. Rubber feet on the bottom protect the unit from the elements as well as from sliding.

It's Self Contained. The entire unit is self-contained in the hard plastic case allowing for easy storage in the ambulance or emergency vehicle. It allows quick movement to the set-up location.



Oxygen Supply Manifold ONLY:

Length: 7.8 in (19.8 cm)

Width: 4.9 in (12.3 cm)

Height: 2.3 in (5.6 cm)

Carry Case:

Length: 16.8 in (42.6 cm)

Width: 12.4 in (31.5 cm)

Height: 4.3 in (10.8 cm)

Oxygen Hose:

Length (fully extended): 20 ft (6.1 m)

Weight: Unit Weight: 6.75 lbs (3.07 kg)

Shipping Weight: 7.40 lbs (3.36 kg)

*Oxygen Manifold Weight (includes: Oxygen Supply Manifold, oxygen hose, 6 oxygen therapy masks & Carry Case)

Operating Conditions: Temperature: 0F. to 122F. (-18C. to 50C.)

Altitude: Sea Level to 5,280 ft (0 to 1,690 m)

Storage Conditions: Temperature: -40F. to 140F. (-40C. to 60C.)

Humidity: Maximum 95% Non-condensing

Supply Pressure: 50 psi Flow Settings: 0-15 lpm variable