Item# orion

Product Description

The Orion is a microprocessor controlled prosthetic knee in which the sensors measure knee action in real time and process that information to anticipate support and speed requirements. Hydraulic and pneumatic knee control actuators regulate the knee speed and security providing optimal walking on stairs, slopes and over flat terrain. This results in fewer falls for the person wearing the prosthesis and a very natural and relaxed gait.

Programming the Orion knee is simple and can be done in minutes. There is no need for an external device. The Orion contains an on-board programming console comprising an LED, and + / – buttons, which are used to initiate programming and increase or decrease settings for optimal response. Most of the process involves the individual walking in their preferred style, at various speeds, until the micro-processor has arrived at an ideal program.

Features: •Suitable for Level 3 activity •Smart programming •Microprocessor swing and stance control •Immediate support on first step of stairs •Supportive yield for sitting down •Custom stability levels for individual requirements •Variable cadence for a wide range of walking speeds