Nuvita™ Handheld Infrared Light Therapy System

Nuvita™ Handheld Infrared Light Therapy System
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Product Description

Nuvita™ Handheld Infrared Light Therapy System

Relieves pain and muscle stiffness with deep penetrating infrared light therapy. The NuVita™ Infrared Light Therapy (ILT) Handheld System utilizes penetrating red and infrared LED wavelengths to penetrate deep into the skin, easing pain and increasing circulation to aid in repairing damaged tissue. The portable device produces heat to stimulate blood circulation, relieve swelling in joints and loosen tight muscles. Unlike heating pads that treat just below the skin’s surface, the NuVita™ ILT System penetrates deep into tissue for immediate relief and long lasting comfort

Features: •Intended for the relaxation of stiff muscles and muscle spasms

•Handheld infrared lamp produces safe infrared heat to affected area

•Temporary relieves minor muscle and joint pain associated with arthritis and Tendonitis and temporarily increases local blood circulation

•All natural, noninvasive with no side effects

•Ergonomic, handheld design for safe and comfortable use

•Portable travel-friendly design complete with travel pouch and AC adapter

•Detachable head consisting of 60 LEDs

•Treatment time controlled by the operator

•FDA Cleared

• One year warranty from date of purchase Specifications: •Contents: NuVita™ ILT handle, one LED head, one AC adapter power supply, instruction manual, and storage pouch

•Power Supply: AC power supply (included)

•Operating Temperature: 0°C to +27°C (32°F - 80°F)

•Relative Humidity: 85% •Storage Temperature Range: -30°C to +55°C (-22°F - +130°F)

•Wavelengths: Infrared LED 880nm, RED LED 660nm

•Power: 12 watts, range 8 - 55/mWcm² - maximum output 55/mWcm²