Item# manuloc
Size (Circumference of the wrist in inches): 

Product Description

Stabilizing orthosis for immobilization of the wrist

ManuLoc® is a wrist brace which is prescribed for use following diagnosis of irritative conditions of the wrist such as carpal tunnel syndrome or after an operation or other irritation. It keeps the wrist positioned properly while allowing gripping movements, avoiding unneccesary stress. The breathable materials and air pores make it particularly lightweight and allow it to fit tightly. ManuLoc® still feels comfortable even after hours of wear. Stabilizes and protects Allows gripping movements Lightweight, flat, skin-friendly and easy to use

Indications Acute/chronic irritation of the wrist Posttraumatic/postoperative immobilization Nerve irritations in the wrist (light form of carpal tunnel syndrome) Partial paralysis Contusions Distortions Kienbock’s Disease (Softening of the lunate bone)

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