Littig Hip™ Disarticulation Systems

Littig Hip™ Disarticulation Systems
Item# littig-hip-disarticulation-systems

Product Description

• Complete hip system • Energy storage and return • Patient specific carbon composite strut available in various degrees of stiffness • 0° strut adapter for modular pyramid knee attachment included with each hip system

Adult Hip System Adult Hip Joint with 14" Strut, 10° Adaptor. 220lbs weight limit (100kg)P28481 Soft Strut P28482 Medium Strut P28483 Firm Strut P28484 X-Firm Strut

Pediatric Hip System Pediatric Hip Joint with 12" Strut, 10° Adaptor. 132lbs weight limit (60kg)P28466 X-Soft Strut P28461 Soft Strut P28462 Medium Strut P28463 Firm Strut P28464 X-Firm Strut

Hip System Individual Components P28480 Adult Hip Joint 25181 Adult 14" Soft Strut 25183 Adult 14" Medium Strut 25185 Adult 14" Firm Strut 25187 Adult 14" XFirm Strut

P28460 Pediatric Hip Joint 23130 Pediatric 12" XSoft Strut 23131 Pediatric 12" Soft Strut 23133 Pediatric 12" Medium Strut 23135 Pediatric 12" Firm Strut 23137 Pediatric 12" XFirm Strut