Iceross Comfort® Locking

Iceross Comfort® Locking
Item# iceross-comfort-locking

Product Description

Iceross Comfort is designed with Össur's patented stabilizingmatrix, a size-specific distal attachment and a nylon fabric cover.Iceross Comfort is an exceptional liner for residual limbs withbony prominences prone to pressure peaks.

Össur recommends that Iceross Comfort Liner is used inconjunction with the Icelock® 600 Series.

Specifications: Amputation Level: Transtibial

Impact Level: Low to Moderate

Size Standard: 16,18,20,22,23.5,25,26.5,28,30,32,34, 36,40,45

Profile: 3mm or 6mm

Matrix: 10cm or Custom 2-14cm*

Iceross Characteristics: stabilizing matrix, fabric cover, wave, silken inner surface

Suspension Method: locking

Fabric Cover The ultra-strong and stretchable nylon outer cover from provides extreme wear and tear, strength, and durability. The nylon outer cover is built for exceptional durability, the cover also increases radial stretch and comfortable elasticity.

Silken Inner Surface Microengineered surface for superior skin conformance

Stabilizing Matrix Reinforced fabric integrated into the distal end of the Iceross® liners eliminates longitudinal stretching of soft tissue. Iceross® Transfemoral and Iceross® Upper-X liners have a full-length matrix incorporated into the fabric cover. •Eliminates longitudinal stretching and pistoning •Protects sensitive distal tissue •Accepts circumferential stretch

Wave The Wave feature makes the liner easier to flex at the knee, allowing it to adapt more to the user's movements. The liner effectively reduces pressure around the patella and in the popliteal area during knee flexion providing superior comfort

Reimbursement L5673