Flex-Foot® Assure

Flex-Foot® Assure
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Product Description

The Flex-Foot Assure is ideal as a first prosthesis or a more permanent option for the less active, particularly those experiencing poor vascular health and/or diabetes.

Designed specifically for slower speed walkers, Flex-Foot Assure incorporates an active heel combined with the full-length keel that work together to protect the vulnerable sound limb. The proven design and simple fit of Assure allows basic ambulators to take advantage of premium technology just right for them.

Incorporation of the EVO feature enables users to experience natural gait progression by utilizing the foot plate to its fullest potential. A more natural gait reduces fatigue and puts less strain on the lower back and sound side.


Impact Level: Low

Maximum Patient Weight: 136kg(300lbs)

Categories: 1-5

Sizes: 19-30*

Weight Of Foot: 575g (20.03oz) w. Pyramid and Foot Cover

Build Height Standard: 125mm (4.9") w. Pyramid and Foot Cover

Heel Height: 10mm (3/8")

Adapter Options: Male Pyramid or Carbon Tube

Flex Foot Characteristics: active tibial progression, carbon-x,evo, full length toe lever, proportional response

Active Tibial Progression Vertical forces generated at heel contact are stored and translated into a linearmotion described as Active Tibial Progression. This action reduces the need toactively push the body forward using the contralateral foot and also equalizesstride length.

Benefit: More natural gait and reduced walking effort.

CARBON-X® Active Heel The Carbon-X Active Heel stores the energy during loading response as the amputee transfers his or her body weight onto the prosthetic foot. Energyis gradually released from the heel providing optimal return for forwardprogression of the limb.

Benefit: Reducing impact to the joints and residual limb thus increases comfort, reduces joint and limb damage.

EVO™ The EVO (Energy Vector Optimization) feature is generated by controlling how the ground reaction force is transferred to the prosthetic foot. Each step is optimized through the magnitude, placement and direction of forces for maximum efficiency. EVO enables the amputee to develop the most natural gait progression possible which reduces fatigue and puts less pressure on the sound side.

Benefits: Fluent roll-over which mimics natural gait progression Reduced fatigue Effortless control of the ankle during stance phase Less pressure on the sound side Less pressure on the lower back

Full Length Toe Lever The full length keel/toe lever matches the length of the sound foot, providing improved support to the prosthetic limb during late stance. It ensures that users spend equal time on the prosthetic foot and natural limb, thus providing improved walking dynamics and reduced impact to the sound limb.

Benefit: Improved walking symmetry and reduced impact to the sound limb

Proportional Response The layering of carbon fibre, optimised through extensive computer analysis and mechanical testing, ensures that the deflection of the carbon fibre heel and forefoot components are proportional to the user’s weight and impact level.

Benefit: Customized construction optimizes walking efficiency thus reducing fatigue for the user.