Extreme AK/BK Gel Liner

Extreme AK/BK Gel Liner
Item# AKDT16-3

Product Description

The ALPS™ Extreme Liner is engineered with similar properties as the Easygel but has been formulated with the GripGel to assist in donning and suspension. Specifically designed for transfemoral and active transtibial amputees. ALPS Extreme Liner has 80% less vertical stretch than ALPS other gel liners, which provides more control and stability.

• Limited vertical stretch reduces movement of redundant tissue • High circumferential stretch to assist with form fitting • Wider distal end for ease of donning

AKDT**-3 Locking Liner, 3mm uniform AKDT**-6 Locking Liner, 6mm uniform AKFR**-3 Cushion Liner, 3mm uniform AKFR**-6 Cushion Liner, 6mm uniform

** indicates size, see sizing chart and illustrations below for details on sizing and differences between configurations.