Item# elation

Product Description

Changing shoes to suit the occasion need not be a complicated affair.

Nor is it necessary to sacrifice function when choosing a heel height adjustable foot. Elation is easily adjusted up to 2 inches at the touch of a button, while the foot’s progressive stiffening feature adapts automatically to the load applied, ensuring a comfortable, steady gait.

For Users: Heel height adjustability at the touch of a button.

Lots of people (ok, mainly women) love their shoes. But swapping heel heights throughout the day can pose a problem because of the way the foot is lined up with the socket (alignment). The simple answer is Elation – alignment-friendly, heel height adjustability at the touch of a button.

Whether it's boots, golf shoes, running shoes, sandals or dressy heels - enjoy the freedom to change shoes quickly and easily. Touch the height adjustment button for changes between 0 – 2" / 5cm, and the correct alignment of the prosthesis is maintained. The ankle can also be repositioned in a similar way to accommodate up or downhill slopes, changing back for level ground.

Importantly, Elation's heel-height adjustability is incorporated in the energy-storing Flex-Foot design, so there is no need to compromise on function. The foot comes with an attractive cosmetic covering that features a realistic "sandal toe".

Who it is for: •People who are moderately active.* •Those who enjoy wearing a variety of footwear. •Those who want to be able to swap shoes quickly and easily. •People who weigh up to 220lbs / 100kg.

*Elation is not suitable for high impact activities.

The technical stuff

Elation is easily adjusted between 0 and 2" / 5cm. The contour of the keel blade has been specially designed to accommodate regular changes within this range. The lightweight keel is made using the patented Flex-Foot carbon fiber technology for energy efficiency and flexibility. Its carefully designed contour ensures a smooth roll-over as the user steps forward. Available in sizes 22-28cm and with a choice of brown or beige foot covers.

If you think Elation could be the perfect foot for you, discuss it as an option with your prosthetist.

Specifications Amputation Level: Transfemoral, Transtibial

Impact Level: Low to Moderate

Maximum Patient Weight: 100kg (220lbs)

Sizes: 22-28

Weight Of Foot: 710g (25oz) w/ Pyramid and Foot Cover

Build Height Standard: 92mm (3 5/8") w/ Pyramid and Foot Cover

Heel Height: Adjustable up to 50mm (2")

Adapter Options: Male Pyramid or Tube Clamp

Flex Foot Characteristics: full length toe lever, heel height adjustability, proportional response, sandal toe

Full Length Toe Lever The full length keel/toe lever matches the length of the sound foot, providing improved support to the prosthetic limb during late stance. It ensures that users spend equal time on the prosthetic foot and natural limb, thus providing improved walking dynamics and reduced impact to the sound limb.

Benefit: Improved walking symmetry and reduced impact to the sound limb.

Heel Height Adjustability Heel height can be adjusted for various types of shoes to ensure correct alignment. Users can easily change shoes to fit most occasions as the heel height can be adjusted within the given range.

Benefits: Adjustable heel height minimizes misalignment of the prosthesis thus reducing walking fatigue and discomfort experienced with poor alignment.

Proportional Response The layering of carbon fibre, optimised through extensive computer analysis and mechanical testing, ensures that the deflection of the carbon fibre heel and forefoot components are proportional to the user’s weight and impact level.

Benefit: Customized construction optimizes walking efficiency thus reducing fatigue for the user.

Sandal Toe Sandal toe foot designs incorporate a split between the first and second toe.

Benefit: More anatomical look for increased visual appeal and more functional compatibility with sandal shoes