DuraSleeve EZ BK Prosthetic Suspension Sleeve

DuraSleeve EZ BK Prosthetic Suspension Sleeve
Item# durasleeve-ez-bk-prosthetic-suspension-sleeve

Product Description

Specifically designed for leg amputees with limited dexterity. The Durasleeve EZ is a neoprene sleeve that is considered airtight similar to the standard Durasleeve. The Durasleeve's lycra reinforced panel reduces wear from prosthetic sockets. Air tight hypobaric suction for virtually fail safe suction Exclusive friction control panel minimizes prosthetic wear Cream color Hypalon with attractive beige exterior Composition is less likely to cause amputee skin irritation Back of knee contouring to reduce bunching and increase comfort Seamless pre-flexed knee reduces pressure on the patella Smooth cover is less obtrusive beneath clothing

For Sizing, Measure approximately 4" above knee cap and take circumference measurement. See chart below to determine which size is needed.