DuraGel™ Pin and Cushion Liner System

DuraGel™ Pin and Cushion Liner System
Item# duragel-pin-and-cushion-liner-system

Product Description

The DuraGel™ Liner has improved durability and a new formulation mineral oil gel with a greater density. DuraGel has been designed for K1 - K4 activity level users.

Features & Benefits: New mineral oil gel: • Prevents tissue breakdown from shock, shear, friction and spot pressures. • Immediate comfort • Hypoallergenic formulation exudes a measured amount of oil for the life of the liner. • Does not contain additives that may cause painful skin reactions New nylon composite outer fabric resists socket friction, distal elongation, shear and spot pressures. • Fabric-to-Gel bond is our strongest yet, eliminating costly delamination. • Does not show dirt, washes easily and dries very quickly for single liner users. • Will not bind, roll down or pull on the skin and hairs in the proximal thigh region. Traditional urethane cap and umbrella with enhanced adhesion to our new fabric. Minimal sizes required to fit your patient base. Tapered liner offers 9mm gel in the distal end. 6 month warranty - 14 day pt. satisfaction