BODYTRONIC® 100 (MediLogic®) High-tech diagnostics for optimum foot ca

BODYTRONIC® 100 (MediLogic®) High-tech diagnostics for optimum foot ca
Item# bodytronic-100-medilogic-hightech-diagnostics-for-optimum-foot100

Product Description

The computer-aided Bodytronic 100 foot pressure measurement system identifies the individual load points of the foot quickly and accurately. The graphical image shows the status of the foot and the use of different colors allows the various load areas to be identified and interpreted easily. The result is that the best possible orthopedic foot orthoses and shoes can be selected for each individual. Accurate and rapid analysis of individual foot status – both static and dynamic measurement processes are available Colored, graphical representation of the load areas under the footI Increases the quality of orthopedic foot orthosis and shoe provision and meets the diagnostic requirements of modern occupational healthcare, accident treatment and sports medicine

Features and benefits Computerized, user-friendly foot pressure measurement system Static and dynamic measurement procedures using a measurement plate and a shoe insert Wireless data transmission Data can be stored for each individual patient to allow check-ups to be made in future and to support ongoing care

Available in the following designs Measurement plate: large and small for static measurements Shoe inserts: Double sizing 19 to 50

Uses Stationary and gait analysis Analysis of the pressure under the foot The basis for the supply of foot orthoses and shoes The provision of orthopedic treatment Sports therapy Medical care Practical instruction at training centers Demonstrations