Item# 3dlit3

Product Description

3D-LITE is an innovative, airy, lightweight, rigid low temperature thermoplastic. Well suited for fracture bracing. Fabricate a Humeral Brace in just 30 minutes (after some practice). 3D-Lite is an open weave polyester material, impregnated with a non-toxic resin. It is woven three-dimentionally to give: • stretch in only one direction • rigidity in all directions • optimum draping and moldability • provide a smooth surface • less weight and breathability for patient comfort • no shrinkage • moldable in 70°C (160°F)

3mm 3mm3D-Lite is used for small joints and small anatomy. Shown here is a resting splint with edges covered with 3D-Safe edging material. Straps are easily attached with X-lite Thermoplastic hook. The lightweigt and breathability make it excellent for rheumatoid patients. 5mm 5mm 3D-Lite is used when more stability is needed - Humeral fracture bracing, tibia fracture bracing, elbow splints, leg resting splints, childrens TLSO. For the orthosis shown Premium X-lite is used to fasten the steel D-rings, and the edges are covered with 3D-Safe. 7mm 7mm 3D-Lite is an extremly rigid material. Very suitable for adult TLSO and other applications where maximum rigidity is required. D-rings are secured with Premium X-lite and edges are covered with 3D-Safe edging material.

Self-Adhesive-Foam Edging Add a soft comfy edging, almost instantly, to most plastic orthoses! 3D-SAFE was developed specifically for our innovative 3D-LITE Low Temperature Thermoplastic, but adheres well to most other plastics as well! • While your plastic is still warm, press together the edge if necessary and allow to dry thoroughly • Then just remove the self-adhesive backing on the 3D-SAFE • Stretch as you wrap around the edges of the orthosis and press firmly • For added security, apply dry heat to the surface for extra tough bonding from the adhesive Length: 10m (33ft) Width: 40mm (1.5”) Thickness: 3mm (1/8”) Color: White Closed cell cross-linked polyethylene foam.

ALL473B1 3D-Lite 1/8in. 24”x24” ALL474B1 3D-Lite 1/8in. 36”x24” ALL475B1 3D-Lite 3/16in. 24”x24” ALL476B1 3D-Lite 3/16in. 36”x24” ALL470B1 3D-Lite 1/4in. 24”x24” ALL471B1 3D-Lite 1/4in. 36”x24” ALL591W1 3D-Safe Edging material 1/8 in. 33ft.x1,5”